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Custom Upholstery is a Better Value over Ready-Made

Purchasing new furniture for your home is a considerable investment and a decision that requires some thought. Most people gravitate to ready-made furniture because it seems easiest and reasonable prices can be found. The fact is, people shy away from custom upholstery thinking its price point is out of reach, but it is actually a far better value over ready-made and not as expensive as you might think.


Commercial furniture-makers do not produce furniture that is built to last; it would work against their best interest because they rely on repeat sales to make profits. Custom-built furniture is entirely different, with skilled craftspeople putting extra care into the materials and fabrication of the skeleton. With a foundation that is built for longevity, you can count on your investment to stand the test of time.

Custom Upholstery is Uniquely yours

With custom upholstery, you are not selecting the best of a handful of available fabric choices or colours. There are countless fabric types, styles and colours to choose from when you go with custom. Your lifestyle is also taken into account so you can select an appropriate durability in fabric that can handle your family size and style, as well as easy-clean fabrics if you have young children or pets.

Ready-made furniture is designed to be “one-size-fits-all” and may not be comfortable for you if you are taller or shorter than the “average” person. With custom furniture, you can choose to have it sized so that it perfectly suits you for comfort. Another bonus is you can choose not only the depth of the cushions for a sofa or chair, but also how they are filled. You have a wide variety of choices including feather, down, foam and more.

The Finer Details

If you have a particular shape in mind for a piece of furniture, you can opt to have it made in any style that suits your home best. For example, you may love a particular shape of a sofa, but want a sectional instead. Aside from the perfect shape, you can also add details that make your custom upholstery unique to your sense of style, such as piping, nailheads and other beautiful choices.

Before you choose ready-made furniture and try to design around it, contact Katie Campbell Interiors & Design so you can see that custom upholstery is a far better value and designed exclusively for you.

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