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One Room Challenge, Week 2

It is week 2 and things are moving along well with my One Room Challenge (ORC).


We have demolished the ‘70s bar…




We have framed the new playroom bench/reading nook…


We have framed out the new storage area and bar wall… (ps check out how amazing the paint job on those stairs is when I pulled up the carpet…*barf*)…


All electrical has been installed to accommodate new wall sconces and outlets for the bar fridge and above counter…


Now it is time to put it back together! Here is the overall floor plan:

ORC Plans 1

We definitely want to get all of this done, but realistically within our 6 weeks of the ORC, the focus will be on these spaces: the playroom and the bar area.

ORC Plans

I just returned this week from beautiful British Columbia. I have always loved West Coast style and had planned to make the basement feel more organic and natural in colour and texture, but after seeing the landscape in BC, I am excited to use the photos I took as inspiration for my design. The mountains, lush grass, sunsets, water and homes all influenced my design choices.






Here are my design boards for these spaces:



Playroom: I want this to be a really fun space, but it is open to the rest of the basement so I focused on making it appealing for adults as well as kids. I love the hummingbird wallpaper from Kravet Canada (Cole & Son) and it is really what ties the entire basement colour story together. It is also what your eye will be drawn to right away when you walk down the stairs.



Bar: I pulled the green from the wallpaper to do an accent wall behind the bar in a Forest Green. Copper hardware compliments the coral/rust colours used in the playroom area and warm walnut countertops add to the natural feel of the basement.

The family room, my office and the guest bedroom may not be revealed in time for the ORC, but you can look forward to future updates on these spaces:



This coming week we hope to see drywall going up and some of the finishing elements (flooring, trim, etc.) started. In the mean time, I hope you will check in on the progress of the 20 featured designers and other linking participants.

See you over on Instagram for more!

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